The bed and breakfast is inside an eighteenth-century palace built by a family of master masons and stonemasons.

Its front is characterised by the white of a valuable local stone extracted from a very malleable tuffaceous rock and known as pietra leccese. If you decide to spend some of your time in our charming B&B, you will also be able to admire the old tools of the stonemasons who carved by hand the beautiful stones which adorn the exterior.

The rooms were built according to architectural patterns peculiar to Salento, such as the typical vaulted ceilings. The keystone at the top of them keeps all the other stones in position in order to make the whole structure stable. By tradition, the owner commended his building to a saint’s protection by burying a picture of him/her in the foundations or at the base of the vaults.


The most common vaults in Salento are two:
- volta a spigolo, which looks like the groin vault;
- volta a squadro – better known as volta a stella, which looks like the rib vault.


Don’t let you mislead about the intensity and vividness of the inside colours because this choice of ours is the result of a careful restoration work of the original plaster. Our dearest wish is to allow you to stay in a place as it used to be in the past, but provided with all modern comforts.

The B&B is made up of two suites and three bedrooms, all with private bathrooms. There are also some terraces which overlook the private orchard of the palace and where you can have a relaxing and atmospheric breakfast.